December's Speck in the World

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


looking for a new one....not because i dont like the one that i have, i need more money. who doesnt???? :) we shall see how it goes

Monday, April 24, 2006

2nd job

now i have to get a part-time job. sucks that i dont make enough money. i dont mind working another job, but i am a single mom and it is hard to get a 2nd job and childcare. sucks. i am trying this thing online but then there is something else they want you to do online....a survey after the very long application process. and it doesnt work. not happy. :(

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Suck. We all know that they do, and I know that I am not the only one out there that has a problem staying on one. Gosh. Well I have decided to not try to be unrealistic and say my goal is to lose 20lbs in a month. So. My goal is 8 to 10. Well January I lost 10 but gained 2. Therefore, in February I set my goal to be 12. Yeah I lost NOTHING. Not going to the gym & forgetting to take the thyroid pills probably doesn't help. I SUCK. Lack of will power that is it. I need help! Any suggestions???? Thought so. Anyway, so now my goal is to lose at least 12 pounds this month. Haven't started that well. Well I have not bought lunch out all week. I have had a south beach breakfast wrap every morning. They are good & filling - only 11 carbs! Can I get some money for my endorsement??? In addition, I have had a Pita pocket (1/2) each day for lunch. Wheat Pita 12 carbs with chicken lunchmeat, avocado, tomato, cheese, Mayo & mustard. Tastes good to me. And that low carb yogurt, which watch me lose my endorsement money...That crap SUCKS. It tastes like nonfat sour cream. If you haven’t had that, it is like a pasty texture. Not good aftertaste. Then when I get home at night, I ruin my diet. Imagine that. Today my boss bought me lunch, nice of him and I had - loaded baked potato soup (very think and tastes weird but not bad), a ham & salami (basically) sandwich on ciabiata bread instead of the wheat ( and tuna salad - not pasta just tuna fish which I added some crackers b/c it isn't good by itself. So ruined. However, it was good.

Crush Update!!!!!!

I think that I might call him Mc Dreamy, like a character on a show that I like. I still have my crush and nothing has come of it. And why would it? I am a white female that is overweight. Not your average supermodel! (  I did have a nice conversation with him today….hmmm even got in to call him on my cell. Here is the scoop!

He was asking me to guess how many minutes he used last month. I said 3000 1st, nope. 6000 next, nope. Then I said 9000, not that much around 8000 b/c of his work he does talk on the phone a lot – requires it and people will call him to see if something will work dealing with his job. Anyway McDreamy happened to mention he had the same carrier as I do. So I casually said that the next time that I call him I will call him on my cell that way it would be free. ( (cheeky smile). So while trying to save him some money he will also have my cell phone number pop up on his. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
1st showing that I want to save him some money
2nd he gets my cell number

and I can only dream that he will call it to just shoot the breezy. It’s the least that I can dream for. Hehe. Yeah I know I am sorry. At least I admit it!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stomach killer

I had the stomach flu...Friday. that sucks, and as I think about it I say to myself, "self, I would prefer to have the flu or a cold rather than the stomach flu" it sucks. I will write more on my little old blog that I have been neglecting....bad I know.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

crush cont....

you know i almost want to give up on my crush. it isnt going anywhere. he stopped by 2 weeks or more ago and everyone in the office bothered me about. so why bother? i dont need the added stress. i can do without. so i believe that i will give up on my crush. it helps that i am not thinking about him too often. i seem to be busy. still having problems getting back to the gym. gosh dont ever EVER break your habbit if you are trying to go to the gym. i will make myself go tomorrow and saturday. i NEED to go for more than one reason. like for me, my diet that is stopped that i NEED to start again. i hate this added weight. the throyd pills dont help although i am not AS tired as i used to be before them. but i also got into an accident -see below- so that umm.... DOESNT FREAKING HELP.

Demon car...

I have a demon car. I tend to nickname people (generally friends) and other things....Like my car. I call it the demon car. With good reason mind you. It is a 2001 and I have had it 4 years and 1 month and it has been hit by other people or rather other cars *****SEVEN***** TIMES!!!!! Yes, I said SEVEN!!! Can you believe that? I was just recently rear-ended (again) the weekend before thanksgiving. Nice. I was out with my mom all day and we stopped on a main road waiting at a red light in traffic. Heavier than normal b/c of the holiday season. We were discussing if 3:30ish was too early for dinner. Well the baby hadn't eaten in hours b/c he was sleeping. SO then we were rear-ended. The guy clearly wasn't paying attention or doesn't know how to drive. Given his age I would say the ladder. He then proceeded to wave his arms for some odd reason. Then a guy pulled up next to us and said that he would be a witness. Well then the guilty party backed up in traffic went over 3 lanes into a inner turning lane. The witness got over as well and then I was able too. Believing that he may be going to a gas station. Nope he did a u-turn and drove off. Do you believe that crap. It wasn't like he seriously injured anyone. Or totaled a car. dumba**. To my luck the witness got his tags. And I took down the witness's tags just in case as he drove off. Well my mom was hurt and I wasn't too great. so the police said that they could get any info from that tag. Well I gave them the witness's tag as well and said maybe his writing was bad. b/c one letter seemed sketchy. so later that night the cop called and left a message saying that they found him. joy! got a warrant and I have to go to court b/c that my friends is a hit and run and in my state that is a felony punishable 2-5 years. AND to TOP the icing on the cake his kid, I believe, is in the military b/c he had out of state tags and lives here...And we have a lot of military in this area. HE ALSO HAD INSURANCE :) HEHE....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

December's Speck in the World


yeah...dont waste your time commenting you want to buy something or buy this. move on to the next blog. thanks.


So my crush called me today. I emailed him yesterday and said sorry for teasing him b/c not everyone can handle me and I didn’t want him to think that I was crazy. But he didn’t respond. So I decided this morning that I would not email him like that anymore but when I got in the office and got on my email….he had responded and said ….”sarcasm is a thing of beauty”. Words going right to my heart. Someone who understands…and can keep up. See having a sarcastic sense of humor doesn’t mean that you are a pessimistic…no I am just the opposite. How else could I have handled my ex? Hehe so I waited to respond to that email…so he didn’t think that I possibly had a crush…J so he called me…saying that he thought it was better to call and answer me than to try to email me while he was driving. He’s got one of those blackberry things. So we talked for a bit…chit chat…trying not to come on too strong. Then he had to go…his boss was calling. Nice.


I am soooo pissed this freaking computer is going soooo SLOW and it is pissing me off. I keep getting errors it took me over 20 minutes just to log on I HATE DIAL_UP hate it. I was complaining about my dog and then the kid and then talked about my crush but now I am not going to rewrite it b/c I am not happy. Plus the kid is hitting me with something. It is tooooooooo slow. The dog doesn’t listen to anything unless you yell at her and then she still doesn’t listen. Then you have to run after her after you screamed at her but then maybe she will listen. Or you have to threaten to throw something at her like anything at arms length. and this dial-up is going way toooo slow yet again. big surprise. so sorry about any typos.


i just wrote this long freaking post and it deleated PISSED

Monday, October 31, 2005

wine from a friend...

oh yeah i'm the WROOOONG person to give wine to! no seriously i enjoyed the wine it was a MUCH needed destressor! haha. you know, being honest, a single mom or even if you are a married one the kid will drive you nuts. if you have a super hyper dog as well then you need some wine. i havent had wine or anything in a loooooooooong time. so yep the bottle is gone. one night i even had an sans-wineglass-bottle-to-mouth nite!!!

just because

i dont like waking up with a headache. that's the worst - but it went away after much needed medicine :) so i have this crush and of course he doesnt know it b/c that would defeat the purpose of having a crush. i know that nothing will come of it b/c i am sure that he will find someone else. people say "dont say that" or "you dont know that" but yes i do. let's all face the truth here...if you are a female and you dont have a butt/breasts pole thin then men will love you. but if you are overweight or have a little too much of either then the dont tend to flock to you as much as the super model skinny tiny female. thats just the truth. so that's why i say this. you dont see many guys with an ugly female. or even if the female is cute but overweight yeah you dont see that. but the guy can be butt ugly and he will have some pole thin girl by his side. the truth. you all have seen it. so that's why i say this. i find him adorable. but i decided to lay off and not try to flirt a little just because i believe that someone must have told him. i let it out a little too much at work.

so long story short he doesnt work with me but he with his line of work he does come by. kinda like a Pharmaceutical rep's job. i got his schedule down so i know when he is coming typically. dont want him to see a bad hair day. so i have missed him the past month b/c i was out when he was i am going to lay off when he comes. he should come this week. he makes me tongue tied when i 1st speak to him. that's just embarrassing. no other way to put it. and i caaaant stand it b/c i NEVER get tongue tied. oh well just i'll just continue living my boring single life. this sucks!